Jeep Grand Cherokee Bolt Pattern Guide

Short Answer

The 1993-1998 Grand Cherokees used to have a 5×4.5 bolt pattern. Since 1999, it’s been 5×5. If unsure, find the distance between the center of one lug hole and the back edge of an opposite lug hole. That’ll be the bolt pattern.

When it comes to cars, people often forget this simple rule: No vehicle is perfect, and people will find subjective issues in it.

The same is the case with Jeep Grand Cherokee.

As legacy-rich and versatile as it is, many owners do not like the stock wheels and want to replace them with aftermarket models (to give the vehicle a personal touch).

I get it if you’re one of them because personal taste and preferences play a significant role in the overall driving experience.

A good thing about wheels is that they’re not vehicle-specific, and many aftermarket and other vehicles’ wheels are interchangeable with those in Grand Cherokee.

What is a Tire Bolt Pattern?

That said, before you buy any random wheel on the internet (or even a physical store), it’s important to check its compatibility with your vehicle.

This is where the bolt pattern comes into the equation.

As its name suggests, the bolt pattern refers to the number of lug nut holes in a wheel and their arrangement.

It plays a crucial role in the wheels’ fitting as you can have different issues otherwise, such as wobbling during driving, steering wheel vibrations, tire rubbing, and increased accident risk.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Bolt Pattern

The Grand Cherokee models before 1999 used to have the 5×4.5 bolt pattern (5×114.3 in mm). Since 1999, it’s been 5×5 (5×127 in mm).

To help you visualize better, below are the tire specs charts for different Grand Cherokee generations.

Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ Bolt Pattern (1993-1998)

4.0L5.2L V85.9L V8
Tire Size215/75SR15215/75SR15225/75SR16
Rim Size7Jx15 ET25.47Jx15 ET25.47Jx16 ET31
Center Bore71.5 mm71.5 mm71.5 mm
Thread Size1/2″ – 20 UNF1/2″ – 20 UNF1/2″ – 20 UNF
Wheel Tightening TorqueUnknownUnknownUnknown
Offset Range (mm)23.4 – 27.4 mm23.4 – 27.4 mm—————-
Bolt Pattern5×114.35×114.35×114.3

Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Bolt Pattern (1999-2004)

4.0L straight-64.7L V84.7 V8 H.O. (2002-04)
Tire Size225/75SR16 or 245/70SR16245/70SR16 or 235/65SR17235/65HR17
Rim Size7Jx16 ET50.87Jx16 ET50.8 or 7.5Jx17 ET50.87.5Jx17 ET50.8
Center Bore71.5 mm71.5 mm71.5 mm
Thread Size1/2″ – 20 UNF1/2″ – 20 UNF1/2″ – 20 UNF
Wheel Tightening Torque115 – 150 Nm115 – 150 Nm115 – 150 Nm
Offset Range (mm)48.8 – 52.8 mm48.8 – 52.8 mm48.8 – 52.8 mm
Bolt Pattern5×1275×1275×127

Jeep Grand Cherokee WK Bolt Pattern (2005-2010)

3.0 CRD (Diesel)3.7L V64.7L V85.7L V86.1L V8
Tire Size245/65R17 105S235/65R17 103S or
245/65R17 105S
235/65R17 103S or 235/60R17 105V or 245/65R17 105S245/65R17 105S or
Rim Size7.5Jx17 ET507.5Jx17 ET50 7.5Jx17 ET507.5Jx17 ET509Jx20 ET35 or
10Jx20 ET50
Center Bore71.5 mm71.5 mm71.5 mm71.5 mm71.5 mm
Thread Size1/2″ – 20 UNF1/2″ – 20 UNF1/2″ – 20 UNF1/2″ – 20 UNF1/2″ – 20 UNF
Wheel Tightening TorqueUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Offset Range (mm)48 – 52 mm48 – 52 mm48 -52 mm48 – 52 mm33 – 37 mm or 48 – 52 mm
Bolt Pattern5×1275×1275×1275×1275×127

Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 Bolt Pattern (2011-2021)

3.6L V65.7L V86.4L V83.0 TD6.2L V8
Tire Size245/70R17 108T or 265/60R18 109T or 265/50R20 107T245/70R17 108T or 265/60R18 109T or 265/50R20 107T295/45R20 110W
265/60R18 110T or 265/50R20 107T295/45ZR20 110W
Rim Size8Jx17 ET56.4 or 8Jx18 ET56.4 or 8Jx20 ET56.48Jx17 ET56.4 or
8Jx18 ET56.4 or
8Jx20 ET56.4
10Jx20 ET50.088Jx18 ET56.4 or 8Jx20 ET56.410Jx20 ET50
Center Bore71.5 mm71.5 mm71.5 mm71.5 mm71.5 mm
Thread SizeM14 x 1.5M14 x 1.5M14 x 1.5M14 x 1.5M14 x 1.5
Wheel Tightening Torque150 or 176 Nm150 or 176 Nm150 or 176 Nm176 Nm176 Nm
Offset Range (mm)54.4 – 58.4 mm54.4 – 58.4 mm48.1 – 52.1 mm54.4 – 58.4 mm48 – 52 mm
Bolt Pattern5×1275×1275×1275×1275×127

Jeep Grand Cherokee WL Bolt Pattern (2022-Present)

3.6L V65.7L V82.0 T4 PHEV
Tire Size265/60R18 or 265/50R20275/45R21265/60R18 or 265/50R20
Rim Size8Jx18 ET50 or
8.5Jx20 ET50
9Jx21 ET508Jx18 ET50 or
8.5Jx20 ET50
Center Bore71.5 mm71.5 mm71.5 mm
Thread SizeM14 x 1.5M14 x 1.5M14 x 1.5
Wheel Tightening TorqueUnknownUnknownUnknown
Offset Range (mm)48 – 52 mm48 – 52 mm48 – 52 mm
Bolt Pattern5×1275×1275×127

Bolt Pattern Format: MM vs. Inches

There are two formats to write bolt patterns: mm and inches.

The first one is expressed as [number of lugs] x [distance between them in mm].

For example, a 5×100 bolt pattern indicates five lugs in a wheel, and they all have a 100mm distance between each other.

On the other hand, the inch format is written as [number of lugs] x [distance between them in inches]. For example, the 5×100 bolt pattern equals 5×5-3.94 because 100 mm = 3.94 inches.

These two formats sometimes confuse vehicle owners to think a wheel has a different bolt pattern. While in reality, it’s the same bolt pattern written differently.

For example, the 5×4.5 and 5×114.3 bolt patterns are the same – only expressed in different formats.

To solve this problem, I have written bolt patterns for different Grand Cherokee models in both inches and mm formats.

YearBolt Pattern (in inches)Bolt Pattern (in mm)
2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5×55×127
2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×55×127
1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×4.55×114.3
1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×4.55×114.3
1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×4.55×114.3
1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×4.55×114.3
1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×4.55×114.3
1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee5×4.55×114.3

How to Measure A Bolt Pattern?

How to Measure A Bolt Pattern

The information about the bolt pattern can usually be found in the owner’s manual or the auto shop/stores.

But what if you’re about to buy a second-hand wheel, and its current owner has no idea about it?

In such cases, you should measure the bolt pattern yourself to make sure that the new wheel will seamlessly fit in your vehicle.

If you didn’t skip the above sections, you’d know that the bolt pattern has two parts: the number of lugs and the distance between the opposite lugs aka. PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter).

To find the first part, all you need to do is to count the number of holes around the center of the wheel. For example, if there are five holes around the center, it’s a 5-lug pattern.

Next, measure the distance between the center of a lug hole and the back edge of an opposite lug hole. That’ll give you the second part of the bolt pattern.

For example, if the distance between them is 4.5 inches, the bolt pattern will be 5×4.5 inches (or 5×114.3 mm).

Note: The second calculation is valid only for 5-lug patterns. For 4, 6, or 8-lug patterns, you only need to measure between the center of those lug holes.

How to Properly Torque the Wheel Lug Nuts?

How to Properly Torque the Wheel Lug Nuts

Once you’ve picked the wheel(s) compatible with your vehicle’s lug pattern, it’s time to install them. And a large part of this process revolves around tightening the lug nuts.

That’s because overtightening them will damage their threads and make it difficult to remove them in the future. Similarly, under-tightening them can result in the wheels’ wobbling, vibrating, or even detaching while driving.

Therefore, wheels have a specific torque you need to apply through a torque wrench.

To do that, put the wheel on the lug nut studs first.

Then, put the lug nuts one by one by tightening them by hand in a star pattern (as we’re dealing with a 5-lug pattern).

5-Lug Tightening Pattern

Make sure they’re only snug and not overly tight.

Now, adjust the torque wrench between 115-150 Nm or 176 Nm – depending on your Grand Cherokee model.

Many wrenches use the lb-ft unit instead of Nm, so you’ll have to convert the Nm value to its equivalent lb-ft value. And then, set the wrench’s torque to that value as shown in the picture.

Adjust the Torque

Once you’ve adjusted the torque value, attach a socket to the wrench and place it on a lug nut. Then, start tightening them according to the same star pattern.

For each lug nut, you’ll hear a click or pop sound indicating that the required torque is achieved. And that it’s time to tighten the next lug nut.


The bolt pattern is a crucial factor in determining the wheels’ interchangeability.

Therefore, you should pay close attention to it while choosing new wheel(s) for your Grand Cherokee.

Fortunately, at this point, you know the bolt patterns for different Jeep Grand Cherokee models and the procedures for measuring 5-lug bolt patterns + tightening the lug nuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 5×5 the Same as 5×127?

Yes, 5×127 and 5×5 refer to the same bolt pattern.

What is the Bolt Pattern on a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with a 5×5 bolt pattern.

What Vehicles Use 5×114.3 Bolt Pattern?

Acura CDX (2016-2022), Dodge Avenger (1994-2000), Ford Escape (2001-2012), Honda Accord (1997-2022), and Kia Optima (2006-2020) are some of the popular vehicles that used the 5×114.3 bolt pattern.

Is 5×5.5 the Same as 5×114.3?

The 5×114.3 bolt pattern is equivalent to the 5×4.5 (in inches), not the 5×5.5

Are All 5-lug Patterns the Same?

No, all 5-lug patterns are not the same. There are many 5-lug patterns in the market based on different circle diameters, such as 5×98, 5×108, 5×114.3, 5×120.7, 5×127, etc.

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