Jeep Liberty Bolt Pattern Guide

Short Answer

Unlike other Jeep vehicles, all Jeep Liberty models have the same bolt pattern, regardless of their configuration: 5×114.3 (or 5×4.5 in inches).

The Jeep Liberty was introduced in 2002 as the successor to the Jeep Cherokee XJ series in the North American market.

Due to a different name, many owners wonder if they can replace the Jeep Liberty’s wheel(s) with the Cherokee XJ’s.

There can be many reasons why they want to do so, such as aesthetics, performance upgrades, dedicated tires for summer/winter, cost savings, etc.

As a large part of wheel interchangeability revolves around the bolt pattern, I’ve made tables for wheel-related specifications: one for each Jeep Liberty generation.

Jeep Liberty KJ Bolt Pattern (2002-2007)

2.4L I43.7L V6
Tire Size215/75R16 or
225/75R16 104S or
235/70R16 104T or
Rim Size7Jx16 ET31.75 or
7Jx16 ET41.3
7JJx16 ET41.3 or
7JJx17 ET41.3
Center Bore71.5 mm71.5 mm
Thread Size1/2″ – 20 UNF1/2″ – 20 UNF
Wheel Tightening Torque115 – 149 Nm115 – 149 Nm
Offset Range (mm)29.8 – 33.8 or 39.3 – 43.339.3 – 43.3
Bolt Pattern5×114.35×114.3

Jeep Liberty KK Bolt Pattern (2008-2012)

3.7L V6
Tire Size225/75R16 104S or
235/70R16 104S or
235/65R17 103S or
235/60R18 102T or
245/50R20 102S
Rim Size7Jx16 ET40.48 or
7JJx17 ET40 or
7JJx18 ET40 or
7.5JJx20 ET40.48
Center Bore 71.5 mm
Thread Size1/2″ – 20 UNF
Wheel Tightening Torque130 Nm
Offset Range (mm)38.5 – 42.5 or 38 – 42
Bolt Pattern5×114.3

Different Wheel Specifications Explained

Below are some of the basic factors you need to consider while choosing a new wheel for your vehicle.

Wheel Diameter

The wheel diameter is the distance between one end of its inner edge (inside the wheel barrel) to the other end, passing through the center of the wheel.

Many people make the mistake of calculating the diameter from the outer edges of the wheel, which results in inaccurate measurements.

For example, an 18-inch wheel will have a 19.5-inch diameter if you start from the outer edges.

Wheel Width

Wheel Width

Similarly, we have the wheel width.

It’s the measurement between the insides of the two bead seats. Like the wheel diameter, you’ll get incorrect measurements if you start from the outer edges.

Wheel Offset

Wheel Offset

The wheel offset determines the location of the wheel hub based on the centerline of the wheel. In other words, it specifies how far inward or outward the wheel will sit in relation to the mounting hub.

A zero offset will put the rim (and the tire) directly on top of the hub, as the centerline of the wheel and the mounting surface are perfectly aligned.

On the other hand, a positive offset will put the face of the hub closer to the front face of the wheel, moving the wheel inwards.

For example, a +40mm offset wheel will have its hub 40mm close to the front face, compared to the centreline.

Lastly, we have the negative offset.

It’s opposite to the positive offset and puts the mounting hub of the wheel closer to the back face of the wheel, resulting in the tire going slightly out of the wheel well.

Wheel Backspacing

Wheel backspacing

It is the measurement between the mounting surface of the wheel and its inner edge in a straight line.

Jeep Liberty Bolt Pattern: Inches Vs. mm

As you probably know, bolt patterns come in two different formats (inches and mm), which confuses many car owners regarding which bolt pattern equals what.

To help you, I’ve listed the Jeep Liberty bolt patterns for all models in both formats.

Year Bolt Pattern (in inches)Bolt Pattern (in mm)
2003 Jeep Liberty bolt pattern5×4.55×114.3
2004 Jeep Liberty bolt pattern5×4.55×114.3
2005 Jeep Liberty bolt pattern5×4.55×114.3
2006 Jeep Liberty bolt pattern5×4.55×114.3
2007 Jeep Liberty bolt pattern5×4.55×114.3
2008 Jeep Liberty bolt pattern5×4.55×114.3
2009 Jeep Liberty bolt pattern5×4.55×114.3
2010 Jeep Liberty bolt pattern5×4.55×114.3
2011 Jeep Liberty bolt pattern5×4.55×114.3
2012 Jeep Liberty bolt pattern5×4.55×114.3
2012 Jeep Liberty bolt pattern5×4.55×114.3

Frequently Asked Questions

What Rims Will Fit a Jeep Liberty?

The Jeep Liberty models have 16-inch, 17-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch rims.

Do All Jeeps Use the Same Lug Pattern?

No, not all Jeeps use the same lug pattern for their wheels. While many of them have the 5×5 (5×127 in mm) bolt pattern, others come with 5×4.5 (5×114.3 in mm) and even 5×4.33 (5×110 in mm).

What Size Tires Can I Put on a Jeep Liberty?

The common tire sizes for Jeep Liberty include 215/75R16, 225/75R16, 235/65R17, 235/60R18, and 245/50R20.

What is the Most Common 5-Lug Bolt Pattern?

The most common 5-lug bolt patterns include 5×3.94, 5×4.5, 5×5, and 5×5.5.

What is the Largest Tire Size For a Jeep Liberty?

265/75R16 is the largest tire size you can use in Jeep Liberty – with some trimming.

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